Holistic Health Coaching with Jes Royston

I focus on overall lifestyle change, wellness, and nutrition by helping their clients find the right foods to support them in reaching their health goals and a better balance in all areas of their life. I take on much more of a coaching role and my clients are a part of the process working in conjunction with my support to reach their goals.

I support the whole person, looking at everything from career and physical activity to educating them on the power of nutrients and super foods. I don’t put anyone on a diet, but instead teach clients to listen to their bodies and start understanding and identifying their triggers around food so they can develop better long-term habits around food.​

Sad, but true – we are set up to FAIL! In our modern society, the system we’re in causes us to be overweight and unhealthy. The way our JOBS are set up and the way our BODIES are set up are OPPOSITE of the way our bodies were designed to be! This is why the rate of heart disease, cancer, etc. has skyrocketed. With this program, I can show you how to live outside of the mainstream system. How to live a longer, healthier and happier life!

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