Major Cardiovascular Study Positive on Chelation Therapy

The Trial to Assess Chelation Therapy (TACT) is a recently completed seven-year, randomized, placebo-controlled clinical trial funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and carried out by university cardiologists and experienced chelation physicians from around the United States and Canada. The results of this 1708-patient study were presented at the American Heart Association meeting in November 2012 in Los Angeles. This double-blind study (where neither the patient nor the physician knew whether the actual therapy or placebo was being administered) compared patients who were treated with medications with intravenous chelation therapy to those with medications but without chelation. All told, researchers delivered 55,222 infusions. The study showed potentially important improvement in patients who had previous heart attacks and were already under cardiology treatment, especially those patients with diabetes. Thirty-two percent had diabetes, 68% had high blood pressure and 73% had been prescribed cholesterol-lowering statins. There were 18% fewer cardiac events in the treated group and 39% fewer cardiac events in diabetics. The group treated with chelation had fewer subsequent surgeries than those who received a placebo. These findings were statistically significant, and unexpected by most cardiologists. The study also proved that EDTA chelation is safe.

Dr. Dooley was not surprised that the NIH study proved EDTA chelation therapy was clinically significant and safe. Many physicians like him have been offering chelation in their medical clinics for many years to thousands of patients and have come to expect these positive clinical results. “For over 15 years I supervised this extremely safe and effective therapy in my former Fort Lauderdale and Naples offices and personally have taken over 130 treatments,” says Dr. Dooley. “The outcomes and improvements in people were evident to everyone, so much so that I offered a total refund guarantee if not satisfied after a 20 treatment program. Not one person took me up on that offer!”

Known nationally for his contributions to the field of Integrative and Alternative medicine and his expertise in EDTA chelation and other intravenous vitamin therapies, Dr. Dooley is sought out for consultations on many difficult health conditions. “My position is that it is always better to be proactive and help people stay at their peak of energy and good health. However, the majority seek my guidance in reversing their current health problems and helping remove medications that often have side effects.”

Dr. Dooley’s strong belief in the natural principles handed down by individuals such as Paul Bragg and Jack LaLanne has helped develop his new clinic’s motto: “Longer Lives Living Better!”

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